Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why my presidential candidate will fail

The 2016 Philippine Election is the most important event of our country for this year. Now that the campaign period just officially started, presidential candidates will definitely show signs of aggressiveness knowing that the 2016 Philippine presidential election would be a tight race.

We have four presidential candidates to choose from- Davao mayor for more than 2 decades Rodrigo Duterteadopted daughter of legendary actor FPJ Sen. Grace Poe, administration candidate Mar Roxas, long term Makati mayor and VP JojoBinay and Sen. Merriam DefensorAccording to surveys, some of the candidates for presidency are head to head but how sure are you that your presidential bet will win?

Your presidential candidate epitomized a vigilante spirit but he will not win because….
1) As the projected strong leader and a self-professed “berdugo” your bet promises to eradicate criminality including drugs in the country in a given timeframe of 3 to 6 months if he becomes the president. He has broadcast this in public several times. Making promises of things that are impossible to accomplish is a total turn off for people who are undecided to vote and even for existing followers. For the smart voters, this type of promise can be perceived as a campaign tactic that aims to lure people who are desperate to find a way to stop criminality.

2) This presidential candidate will not win because his name is associated with “death squads” in his hometown. Reported news about the so called mayor’s death squad has been circulating for several years already. There were witnesses that attested to the barbaric ways of upholding justice. Who would vote for a trigger happy presidential candidate?

3) When it comes to character this candidate has a very strong one. This could be a major factor in deciding if you’ll vote him or not. But with what he exemplified on media is a character that is unbecoming of a future president. He cursed and utter words that are disrespectful and offensive. Why would we want a president who has power of gab in the most politically incorrect manner? How can he represent in our country in various international dialogues? This candidate will surely put our nation in danger due to lack of diplomacy and prudence.

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