Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Say No To Political Dynasties

People keep talking about the economic elite (like the big bosses in the private sector) as the cause for the lack of development in the Philippines. What these people fail to realize is that  ours is a primarily consuming economy (versus a producing one). In other words, if these big bosses in a consuming economy were to push policies, it would necessarily be policies that allowed and encouraged  consumption on a continuing and sustainable scale.

We should also advocate for better infrastructure and better roads. We should not be suffering with current state of the transportation of in the Philippines. We should invest it because we deserve it. We should  get better service because we are entitled to it and we paid for it with our taxes. The next president should hire efficient members in the cabinet use the Shape up or Ship out approach. We never have another Jun Abaya in out cabinet.

We are also quick to blame the government for everything that is going wrong.I think  the economy were primarily production based (industrial in nature) we can see that the policies that they want to push might push would be more socially oppressive ones like lowering minimum wage or the disassembling of unions or other forms of policy that would keep the population poor by not allowing them to fight for their rights. A poor population would have no effect on the wealth of the economical elite as their money would be made on cheap labor creating cheap products for export.

In other words, despite what we think the economic elite and the government have nothing to gain by a poor ignorant population because of the following reasons:

  • Poor ignorant citizens do not go to malls
  • They do not buy properties
  • They do not buy cars
  • They do not consume high value products
  • They do not consume internet
  • They do not buy high value mobile phones
  • They do not drink coffee (local or otherwise) 
  • They do not borrow money
  • Ignorant and poor people do not contribute to a growing consumer economy.

The next president needs to remove the political clans and dynasties as they do nothing for us and they are just dead weight for us.They have everything to gain by maintaining poverty and ignorance. Ignorant people don't know how to vote. Poor people buy subsistence products that local entities can control. Poor ignorant populations work for nothing and are easy to please with a fiesta or two a year. The political clans and dynasties gain from poverty and ignorance because as they steal money provided by national government and have no problems using local goons to control unrest from discontent. Poor ignorant people are easy tools to use to push anti national government agendas that are designed to create islands of parochialism solidifying their local influences as patrons and protectors of the poor.I can see who will benefit from policies that keep people poor and I can see that businesses will fail if the people are kept poor.

Corrupt politicians, unscrupulous short term manufacturers, and "revolutionary" agendas benefit from poverty and ignorance. Sen. Grace Poe is the best woman for job because even if she doesn't have the experience. She is part of the breed of politicians.

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