Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Top 5 Things we want our Next President to be based from Past Accomplishments

Top 5 Things we want our Next President to be based from Past Accomplishments
It’s summer but it’s not only the weather that is getting hotter. If the present Presidential Election race can be likened to weather, then it’s the height of the summer. The presidential debates we’ve been watching on TV have shown us the true colors of all the presidential bets. It’s very tiring watching them throw muds at each other.

Our country has multitudes of problems; education, environment, corruption, state of our government, transportation amongothers. And yet what we’ve been hearing with their platforms doesn’t really focus on those things. They are more concerned with trying to get ahead of other presidential bets.
Before someone could become President of this country, they have accomplished something a lot of things for their countrymen. And that’s what they want to continue, to serve more greatly with the highest position on their back.

To sum it up, my candidate did the following for the Philippines:

  1. 1.       Rule with an iron fist and walk the talk. Is not afraid what rules to lay down as long as it benefits his people. And this could become handy in solving the transportation problem in the country.

  1. 2.       Hands on Leadership. Not someone to delegate matters. Even if it’s not in his position to do so, will take up matter even the smallest thing. An ironclad leadership that has turned the place origin in one of the best in the world.

  1. 3.       Supports everyone rights. Equality means a lot more than being equal it’s recognizing that everyone has rights, be you’re in a n LGBT community or a rebel fighting the government for so long

  1. 4.       Crime does not pay stance. Taking the law into your own hand to disciplne the criminals. Or taking care of those who protect the law by providing those benefits so that they won’t be tempted to commit crimes.

  1. 5.       Pro RH Stance. No matter what they say about it or whether religion is involved, taking the future of Filipinos with pro RH stance means caring for them.

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