Monday, March 14, 2016

Best Reasons Why My Presidential Bet Will Win

This year’s election in my opinion is the hottest and the most controversial election in decades. Considering the top presidential contenders for Philippine president and their characters, choosing the best candidate for presidency could be tough for most voters.

In this year’s election we will be choosing among top ranking government officials such as Sen. Defensor, VP Binay, ex-DILG Sec. Roxas, Davao Mayor Duterte and Sen. Poe. If you’ll going to ask me which one will I vote, I already weighed in the facts and will vote for a sure winner.

Here are the reasons why my presidential bet will win:

1. My presidential bet will win because she has a proven track record when it comes to championing the causes that is beneficial for the common Filipino not just companies and business. She was not a mayor or congressman in the past. When it comes to businesses and industries this candidate has nothing  to prove but has more to bring to the table in terms of making our country the best place for local and foreign investors. Meaning more opportunities for the country to earn revenues and more jobs for the people.

2. This presidential candidate will win because she has maturity and has mastered the art of perseverance. Among the candidates my bet has maturity in terms of being a profound leader. Despite her lack of experience and accomplishments as a leader she already has proven her worth.

3. My bet will become the next president because he embodies leadership. One of the most important requirements for our next head of state is leadership. My chosen bet is our next president because she has a commanding presence and leaders from all nations will consider him as a valuable leader of this country.

4. Our next president- my presidential bet has profound strength. She will reform the major problems in the DOTC. There will be transparency in terms of biddings and contracts. There will  be no cover ups and corruption. She already has a game plan on how to solve the problem with MRT,Traffic and corrupt traffic enforcers

5. My presidential candidate will win because she has a golden heart. We’ve been choked day in and day out with advertisements of presidential candidates depicting them as someone as “makatao” (pro people) but the truth of the matter is; my bet is the only one true to his ads as someone that genuinely has a heart for people or “makatao”. He will implement services such as  free education, free health services and a lot more.

Words without actions are pointless and my bet has all the qualities that will make her a winner.

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