Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why Transportation Matters

Why Mar Roxas Will Not be President and Why Transportation Matters

It’s the start of the work day. You woke up early because you never know how traffic will turn out and you know how bad it has become for so many years now. You always think and ask what the Government is doing to remedy the bad traffic situation. You feel they have not been addressing this matter in order of importance and somehow you feel resentment.

You get used to the bad traffic but not really. As you goes up the long stairs towards the MRT platform because the elevators and the escalators are not working, as you wait for the train that has been delayed and the train condition when you have ridden that time when the door won’t even close, your resentment to the Government grew day by day.Ask yourself do we deserve this? Why do we need to suffer because of the corruption.They have to earn from everything from the Beep Card to the maintenance of the MRT.

You don’t even believe the Aquino promises that projects are being pursued to remedy the situation But now that a major election is happening on May, your resentment to the Government is being transferred to the candidate wholly supported by President Aquino – former Secretary of Transportation Mar Roxas.

Just like what you observed that the MRT is an accident waiting to happen, you feel that Mar Roxas being the next President is a nightmare for the Filipinos.Yes the economy is good but only a few benefits from it. What Mar Roxas promises that he will continue the good work of the present administration is a laugh. You think that his stint as transportation secretary is such a major failure, notwithstanding all his other ineptitude, the transportation problem is the one thing you really want to be solved.

You work, you pay the right taxes, and you want to see where your taxes go to. All you want is more time for youirself, for your family but you spend more time on the road.
And that is why you think that Mar Roxas will never be President. If he becomes the next president expect 6 more years of whatever it is that is happening now.

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