Friday, February 26, 2010

Rings by Rajo Laurel for F & C Jewelry

the quilt_rajothe rouched
saucer_rajoteh ridge_rajo

the code_rajothe meaning_rajo
the track_rajothe triad_rajo
triad (men)_rajo[clockwise from top: The Quilt; The Rouched; Saucer; The Ridge; The Code;The Meaning; The Track; The Triad; Triad (men)]
Rings symbolize eternity and commitment. They are tokens of promise and signify bonds that last a lifetime.  The earliest recorded history of wedding rings comes from the Egyptians, who used plants braided and fashioned into rings and bracelets. The ancient Romans, using metal, first introduced the practice of wearing engagement rings, while the Hebrews and Christians both had their own wedding ring traditions.
It is said that wedding bands are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because the Greeks believed the vena amoris (or “vein of love”) ran from the heart to the tip of the ring finger. Medieval artisans made special embellishments for the band, often inscribing special words or messages.
Today the powerful significance of exchanging rings to symbolize the promise of commitment is the heart of the modern wedding ceremony.Choosing the right ring is important. Finding a reputable and trustworthy jeweller is key.
At F&C Jewelry, over 30 years of experience and a relationship of trust keep clients coming back. Marissa Florete Gorriceta of F&C Jewelry, a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, says it is advisable to check the ring for the quality of materials and craftsmanship used. “It should really be made well,” she says. “I would also consider the client’s taste. Do you they want something plain or not? Sometimes the wedding band is worn with the engagement ring, so the rings should match,” says Ms. Gorriceta. While wedding bands are usually plain, an element of design adds a unique value and special meaning to the ring.
After all, the modern bride wants a perfect wedding filled with memorable and beautiful details.
Fashion designer Rajo Laurel’s distinctly feminine and romantic look, fused with modern elements and sumptuous details, makes him much sought-after for bridal designs. Tapping into another facet of his creative artistry, Rajo Laurel translates his love for fashion into a new form: fine jewellery.
In a special collaboration with F&C Jewelry, Rajo Laurel unveils a new collection of rings that are ideal as wedding bands or can be worn as personal adornment. He incorporates couture details (like rouching or quilting) and other diverse inspirations with the master craftsmanship of F&C Jewelry.
Rajo Laurel brings a new dimension to fine jewellery with his inventive designs, while F&C Jewelry offers a new and exciting line for their loyal clientele.
F&C (Florete and Caperonce) Jewelry was established in Iloilo in 1973 by husband and wife Marcelino Florete Jr. and Susan Caperonce. Over 30 years, F&C Jewelry has become a leader in jewelry making all over the country with a proud heritage and impeccable reputation for integrity. F&C’s quality jewelry pieces are both good investments and valuable touchstones that last a lifetime.
*Visit the F&C Jewelry’s 40 branches in various SM Department Stores throughout the Philippines.

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