Monday, February 15, 2010

Fall in love freewheelingly with Windscape

  Avon,  the  company  for women, a leading global beauty company and world's largest direct seller, has been providing women all over the globe not just with  world  class  beauty products, skin care, jewelry and accessories and intimate  apparel  but  with earning opportunities to ensure women a better future.

This February 2010, Avon will be launching a new addition to its growing best-selling portfolio of fragrances with the introduction of Windscape.  Windscape is a His and Her scent made for free spirited couples who embody and inspire the uplifting sense of freedom.

To celebrate the launch of Windscape this Valentine’s season, Avon salutes the story of 3 free-spirited couples: Suzi Entrata-Abrera and Paolo Abrera, Rissa Mananquil and Paolo Trillo, Issa Litton-Garrido and Tiger Garrido. Each couple share the same passion for living life to the fullest - free as the wind, much like the personality of Windscape.

We would like to offer this story to your publication with photos of the couples taken by master lens man Pat Dy.
Global leader in direct selling and the country’s no. 1 fragrance company Avon celebrates the love month with the unveiling of its newest fragrance, Windscape For Him and Her. Windscape is the cool, sparkling fragrance for men and women who live their lives as a daring adventure, who want the sun’s warmth on their skin and the wind rushing in their hair. Windscape evokes the raw power of nature to make your heart pump and your senses come alive.
To mark this special launch, Avon turns the spotlight on three Filipino couples for whom life is a bold adventure, who keep their faces toward change and whose spirits are as free as wind.
Celebrity mom Suzi Entrata-Abrera and triathlete and TV host Paolo Abrera first met in 1997 on the sports-oriented show Gameplan, where they both worked as hosts. Together and on camera, Suzi and Paolo traveled to exciting places, jumped off cliffs, dove into the ocean depths, and took enormous risks to bring the rush of extreme sports to their viewers. 

RISSA MANANQUIL & PAOLO TRILLO: The ordinary can also be extraordinary
They first met  in a Christmas party for the fashion industry. She was then president of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines while he was managing partner of Fiamma,” 

ISSA LITTON-GARRIDO & TIGER GARRIDO: Open yourself up to everything life has to offer
Issa Litton-Garrido and Tiger Garrido met in a blind date and tied the knot in a Stars Wars-themed wedding ceremony. The couple enjoys going to the beach, dancing, watching movies and getting massages together. Given Tiger’s hectic work schedule, they try to enjoy the simple moments of walking together after dinner, or sharing the day’s events with each other, or playing with their girls in their bedroom.

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