Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I truly believe that KSA should stand for Kaakit akit Sutla and Alindog. If you have those three characteristics wouldn't you feel it. If you have great skin I'm sure you'll feel great too right??
I attended KSA's party yesterday and found out a lot of things about my favorite soap.

It's manufacturer is Glowcal Manufacturing Corp which also manufactures body lotion, creams and rinses, foaming bath products, shower gel, hand soap, shampoos, and conditioners. They make sure that their standards in the industry  as far as  the development of natural, organic and other environmentally friendly products is really very high.

They create and innovate on cutting-edge products to support their clients marketing plan and product launches. Another big plus is that with other developers the developer will own the formula. But with their company their customer always own the formula that the company developed specifically for their needs.

They export to so many countries as seen on their website  and they also have a new website that specifically caters to the needs of customers in the United States with a new office in the New Jersey.

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