Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Gift Lists

I've always wanted to have Freshwater pearls. I love the elegance that freshwater pearl jewelry adds to your outfit. I'm hoping to buy discount pearls really soon.

Maybe for starters I could purchase a pearl necklace. Doesn't have to be expensive. If I could buy discount pearls then I would really go for it. I would also purchase discount pearl jewelry for my mom as a Christmas Gift.I'm sure she would be excited to receive a discount pearl necklace or cultured pearls maybe both If I could afford it.

For my sisters I want to give them a pair of pearl necklace with Matching pearl earrings and pearl rings.

My aunt has always been into jewelry making pearls so I plan to give her loose pearls and some pearl in oyster so that she can use it in her business.

For some of my nieces I think giving them wish pearls will be a great idea. I love pearl jewelry because everry like pearls and they go with every outfit. I even saw a cute gold and pearl earrings that I want to give to my grandmother.

I also want to invest in some classic gold and pearl jewelry  as well pearl bracelet coupled with pearl pendants that I could pass on to my daughter.

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