Sunday, December 06, 2009

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholden

Two seconds – that's how much time you have to make a good impression; and 55% of how people will judge you is based on your physical appearance.

This is because a pretty face primes people's mind to attribute positive characteristics to that person. According to a report from the University of Pennsylvania, beautiful people are subject to greater career advancement, judged to be more intelligent, and given more attention.

“We're able to judge attractiveness with surprising speed and on the basis of very little information,” says Professor Ingrid Olson of University of Pennsylvania's Center for Cognitive Neuroscience. “Pretty faces are rewarding because they make us more open to think of good thoughts and so we should be mindful of this when dealing with others.”

Deriving inspiration from these findings is Artistry, an innovator in skin care technology and a global leader in the prestige make-up arena. By focusing on skin's health and appearance, Artistry aims to create customized skin care and beauty solutions to bring out the individual beauty of women.

“The modern concept of beauty is not aimed towards vanity's sake. It is about having a radiant physical appearance that brings out the beauty from within. It does not merely depend on applying creams or putting on make-up, but knowing oneself, being attuned with your own skin and knowing what products suit you,” says Leni Olmedo, Director for Marketing and Business Relations ()Amway Phils).

As a straightforward beauty brand, Artistry utilizes the most advanced science backed by a team of internationally recognized dermatologists, surgeons and researchers. With a wide array of expertise ranging from acne treatment, photo-aging or sun damage, skin whitening, and make-up, it offers holistic and comprehensive beauty enhancement programs to give women the benefits of being beautiful.

Artistry conducted a Beauty Clinic led by the brand’s chief make-up artist Victor Ortega. The beauty guru shared some of his most covered secrets on how to do a perfectly made-up face tailor fitted to the individual needs of women.

“There’s no way of undoing the make-up craze given that more women are discovering the magic of these products and new brands continue to surface every day. The bigger task now is to reconcile these cosmetic innovations with natural beauty. Artistry Colour heeds to that challenge – to provide discerning women the chance to flaunt their inherent and unique traits while keeping up with today’s way of living,” says Victor.

Artistry is a technology-based skin care and cosmetic brand spanning years of experience in pioneering effective products. Artistry is exclusively distributed by Amway Philippines. For more information, please call 814-8181 or visit

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