Monday, December 14, 2009

DPC Reveals Magic of the Yellow Pages

December 11, 2009 was filled with magic and love when the Directories Philippines Corporation (DPC)Yellow Pages had an event at the Music Hall, SM Mall of Asia. The event started with a magic show leading to an impromptu wedding proposal and ceremony with the help of DPC Yellow Pages which sticks to the company's testament - "kita agad!".

The event reintroduced Yellow Pages as a commercial multi-platform directory. DPC Yellow Pages, known to provide localized and convenient information in print, can now be easily accessed by Internet users or through mobile phones. Please see attached files below regarding the Press Release for more information, which you can also share with your readers who might be interested in using the online directory for their own references.

Directories Philippines Corporation (DPC) reintroduced the Yellow Pages to the public was done with a really great and spectacle at best with an entertaining magic show that culminated with an impromptu marriage proposal and wedding ceremony. With the help of new multi-platform search channels of DPC Yellow Pages, the groom was able to effortlessly stage a grand wedding that demonstrates just how the DPC Yellow Pages continues to deliver its promise of bringing both buyers and advertisers closer together.

The event validated the company’s testament that with DPC Yellow Pages, “kita agad!” because it was able to show that it provides a source of directional information in a manner that is both timely and convenient for the consumer. “Unlike the general search engines, which give thousands of generic search results, DPC Yellow Pages provides localized and specific information anytime, anywhere. Relevant search results are delivered in the manner that is most convenient whether in print, through the Internet, on mobile phones or through one of the Value Added Services it offers. Search results can also be limited to specific locations such as streets, buildings or malls making the search experience more locally reliable,” said Ms. Edna Villena, Vice President for Marketing.

DPC, however, doesn’t stop with the revolutionary commercial multi-platform directory services channels. To provide the complete total search experience, DPC created value-added services (VAS) customized for buyers and sellers with particular needs.  VAS gives both consumers and advertisers more ways to communicate with each other –24/7 acceptance of customer inquiries via the YP Assist Call Center, a free canvassing service that matches customers needs with suppliers products and services: Yellow Canvass, a rewards program to encourage the loyalty among customers of advertisers: the YP Assist Concierge Service, free PC-to-PC calls via EYP Voice, and a digital mapping facility that allows advertisers to identify new markets: the DPC Geographical Information System (GIS).

The  DPC Yellow Pages is all about enhancing the buyer’s search experience by offering them more than just phone numbers and addresses of restaurants, cinemas, or other commonplace lifestyle establishments. It has the most extensive database of businesses and business information in the Philippines, including supplier categories like bottle frosting, grain dealers, vault doors and everything in-between. DPC Yellow Pages changes the way consumers access business information by offering enriched information on multiple platforms, allowing users locate products, services, restaurants and all other enterprises with utmost convenience.

“Through the years, DPC Yellow Pages have brought buyers and sellers ever closer together through a compelling commercial search experience. The challenge before our company is to continue refreshing that experience in the age of high-speed, 24-7, global connectivity. We want to continue to revolutionize how customers use the Yellow Pages to look for what they need and allow advertisers to focus more on what is important to their businesses - selling,” said Ricardo D, Bautista, President of DPC. He adds, “Kita agad!’ works both ways – consumers instantly finding what they need and advertisers earning through their placement in DPC Yellow Pages.”

The celebration ended with the couple encouraging their guests to experience the magic of the DPC Yellow Pages. Whether they’re a ready buyer or an advertiser, by using the print directories, going on their PCs or through their mobile phones, with DPC Yellow Pages, kita agad!

Here's a brief history of DPC.

Directories Philippines Corporation (DPC), a 100% Filipino-owned company, is the pioneer and biggest publisher of the telephone directories in the country.

The company started operating in 1957 as the Philippine Branch of GTE Directories Corporation, the largest publisher of yellow pages directories in the world. After the 1987 Philippine Constitution took effect, GTE Directories (Philippines) Corporation was incorporated on June 20, 1989 to assume the business of the Philippine Branch of GTE Directories. Subsequently, GTE Sold it’s remaining shares and the company’s name was changed to Directories Philippines Corporation on April 1993. The company is now proud of it’s 100% Filipino ownership.

Since 1989, it has emerged as the dominant market leader in the Directories Advertising Industry in the Philippines/ It is the leading seller of Yellow Pages advertisement. It developed the yellow pages industry and contributed to the economy of the country.

DPC is also the founder and a charter member of the Asian Directory Publishers Association, Inc. (ADPAI). ADPAI is a non-profit association composed of 20 countries in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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