Saturday, April 16, 2005

Okay na ako

I decided to shift my focus on to other
things. As my dear friend once told me
you can't be depressed all the time.

I know I really need to learn how
to refocus my attention and my
energy. I can't waste my time whinning
and crying about things that I can't control.

I miss Philbert I really do.
But there's nothing I can't do but wait.
We made that choice together for him
to stay behind and try to see if It
will work out.

Nakakapagod na pala maging malungkot.
Nakakapagod maging takot sa hinaharap
Nakakapagod pag madaming dinadala.

So I will try to be more proactive.
Im going back to school to get some
units. I volunteered to take on
two new projects and on top of that
A friend and I decided to form a small
business. Hopefully this will work out
if it doesn't then we will learn from
our mistakes and move on.

That's what life is all about.
Take what you can and learn from it
and if you can't then leave it behind
because someone might use it and in
life we have to learn to travel light.

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