Sunday, April 10, 2005

Lately, Im just feeling so down
as in super. Miss ko na talaga asawa ko.
Maybe i'm not meant for this long
distance thing. May mga araw na
ayoko na talaga di ko na kaya.
Like this past few days i feel myself
in a total slump. I couldnt even
focus my energy on anything else.
I keep asking myself up to when
ba itong dusa na ito? I couldn't function
properly. I know nahihirapan din sya
pero di na lang nya sinasabi sa akin.
He always tells me na he's doing good.
I guess I should be happy na okay sya
pero bakit ako hindi?

I know at the back of my mind this
is for the greater good. Pero I miss the
hugs, the laughs, the fights and just
being near him. I miss my best friend.
Till I see him again I dont know if
I'll ever be the same again.

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