Sunday, April 29, 2007

Philbert and I are not talking to each other at the moment.
What started with something so small and trivial is now
starting to get so complicated. He did something and I got
hurt.The weird part is that whatever it is that he thinks
that I did which was beyond my control doesn't fit what
his reaction should have been (no he didn't hit me).
So instead of the usual confrontation I did something
that I never thought I could do which is to stop talking and
just shut up. I would see him and ignore him and last night
I left Joshwa with him and he put Joshwa to bed. I think the
silent treatment will give both us time to think and cool down.
Do I still love him? of course I do. Its just that sometimes
he can bring out the best in me can and also bring out the worst in me.
Im sure we will eventually talk to each other we live in
the same house. I do miss him a lot. I miss waking up
beside him and I miss him hugging and kissing me when he gets
off from work. I miss just talking to him and telling him stories
about how my day was and I do miss the corny jokes.I miss my best friend..
I know you'll probably think that why can't I just say I'm sorry and be done with it. Because with Philbert its not that easy you may say all the sorry and mean it but when he's hurt he is really hurt. He needs it to be him to make the first move.

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