Sunday, April 15, 2007


I'm bored! Tons of things to do and yet I don't want to do it. Philbert isn't here its just me and Joshwa. Wanted to see Airees and Pepel tomorrow but since I'm at the mercy of our driver the subject is up for discussion. They'll be in Pasadena tomorrow so around 33 miles is a bit far from where we live

Dinner is quietly boiling it's early around 3 pm but it's a tricky recipe. I'm cooking Lechon Kawali. Sana wag pumalpak.. Akala ko naman its something as simple as frying it. But according to you have to let it Simmer for 75 minutes with the garlic, onion, water and peppercorns and then you have to leave it alone for 1 hour and wait for it to dry. So by the time that its finished mga 6pm siguro include the other things that goes into the preparation.

I've finished reading another book Holly by Jude Deveraux. I bought 40 of her books from EBAY and the others I bought from AMAZON. I just love her stories on the Montogomery & Taggert Family. I don't want to read something heavy and depressing at the moment so her books are okay. I also ordered some books by Judith Mcnaught. Puro romance na lang muna. I'm a hopeless romantic I believe that love conquers all and that the two main characters will be together happily ever after. Kaya nga ayoko na magbasa ng books ni Nicholas Sparks kakalungkot eh I know in reality na di naman lahat nagkakatuluyan pero gusto ko talaga happy ending.

I remember watching telenovelas and there was a time na mga pinapapalabas sa TV di nagkakatuluyan parang nanawa tuloy ako manuod. Speaking of telenovelas I stopped watching Maria Flordeluna (because I'm disturbed by the plots and subplots ) Palimos ng Pag-Ibig because ayoko nang acting ni Rica. Di naman ganun ginawa ni Vilma eh. I know its supposed to be based on the movie pero just the same I keep comparing it to the movie.



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Lee i. said...

Hi Leirs, inggit ako bigla sa stash mo ng romance novels. I really like Judith McNaught and Jude Deveraux too. Add mo pa si Juhoanna Lindsey sa mix (though i don't think she has new books recently.) Hay naku. I miss the days when I can just lie back and read good old love stories without being called to referee sibling fights. :-) Enjoy your books and I hope our lechon kawali turned out as well as marketman makes it.