Friday, April 27, 2007


My sister in law will be adopting a child from
the Philippines. Well i'm not surprised because
she loves Cyrill like her own child and now she
has decided to take the plunge and start the
adoption process. I'm going to help her through
it I mean I'm going to do research so that she'll
know what to do and what to expect. Thinking of
adoption makes me think about Andrea. I miss her a
lot and I feel so bad that I couldn't fight for her.
I wish I had the money and the resources so that I
too can adopt her.Everyone thinks i've moved on from
that experience but I haven't. I think about her
everyday and I hope that she is well and I cry when
I hear that she's not being treated as well as she
should. But I will never trade that experience of
being her mom even for a while.. for a short time.
No one can replace her.. I could have kids of my own
but still my longing for her and concern will always
be there. Maybe someday soon God will make a way.
Someday soon....

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