Monday, January 31, 2005


My Dilemma is should Philbert go home
or stay in the US. Ang hirap magdecide
kung uuwi ba sya o hindi. Kasi he left it
up to me. Sabi nya I tell him when I want
him to come home na. I want him to
come home.
I made a list of the PRO's and CON's .

Here are the PRO's if he stays there

  • We could have a better future
  • We could afford to send our kids to a good school
  • There is a chance that we could go there to be with him

Here are the CONS if he stays there:

  • The kids could grow up without a father
  • There is a chance that It might take awhile before the kids can see him again
  • The family won't be together for a long time.
  • It might take awhile for everything to be finished here
Here are the PRO's if he goes home:

  • We can be together as a family
  • My kids will be so happy to see him and I will be too.

Here are the Cons naman if he goes home:

  • He will have to look for another job since he quit his job here
  • Everything will think that I'm stupid coz I asked him to go home.
  • We'll be struggling again

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