Thursday, April 14, 2016

Our National Sovereignty

National sovereignty is an utmost concern right now. In a situation where our country is facing turmoil with the insurgency problem in Mindanao particularly in Basilan where more lives of our soldiers were taken just days ago. Added to that is the WestPhilippine Sea problem that the Aquino administration has failed miserably in solving and just letting the International Court solved it for us.
In light of this national problems that the next president will inherit when he assume the highest seat in the country, this year’s election voters should think hard on who will they want to lead the country and fortify our national defense. 

On another note I recently read a statement by the pro-PNP graphic asking whether the police also have rights?

The police and citizens would only be equal once the officers of the law give up their title, badge, uniform, gun and bullets.

There lies the difference. The police is not like citizens. They bear those symbols and arms supposedly on behalf of citizens. That they get hurt fighting crime is always awful and the people are not stingy of praises.

But when they violate the law by attacking and falsely charging citizens, that is transparently wrong, criminal and a gross betrayal of their oath. An abuse of the power they wield supposedly for and in behalf of citizens.

In my honest opinion, my presidential bet will fare well in this coming election as voters slowly realized that the next President should be someone who is firm, resolute and courageous in his decision.
Our country is being threatened right now with land dispute in the West Philippine Sea. We can all be nationalistic and be indignant with this problem but we need to be realistic also. China is a country we can be against at present. We will need the presence of another superpower country to go against them but we are not preparing for a war against China. Things can get settled with the right talks. We are in a millenial age right now and we will always have a say in this matter so war will not ensue.
Furthermore my Presidential bet stands on this matter is that it is for the best interest interest of our country if we will not participate in action against China and helping other country for this. We need to settle this dispite by joining exploration talks that will be good for everyone.
We need to concentrate more in the insurgency problems and dealing with the rising crimes and the criminals that gets away doing this. And my presidential bet can solve this.

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