Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Change is Coming

One major issue that separates Escudero and Robredo is taxes. Escudero has taken a consistent stand for tax relief and against any new tax burden for working people. Poe-Escudero has a plan for cutting down taxes. Binay also intends to implement tax exemptions. At the VP debate, Robredo boasted and promoted the sin tax which is transparently passed on and shouldered by the public. The Roxas-Robredo tandem is the only ticket vehemently opposed to tax cuts and they're proud of it. 

Here are 5 things that my presidential candidate needs to do:

1.) They government should stress the fact that  sin tax is a disincentive. So comparing it to the income tax is comparing apples to oranges. It is demonizing it.Sin tax saves everyone especially the masses from lung cancer. Evidence and experience overwhelmingly demonstrate its effectiveness as a policy in reducing the death rate due to lung cancer.The sin tax was not meant to tax poor people it was meant to curb tobacco consumption. 

2.) I strongly believe that if we fix the issues with transportation we can have more jobs. Our next president should create and grow local businesses with the goal of more  jobs .We need a president with a first world view to push for a prosperous and more equitable Phlippines. A president who has laid down the groundwork to lift the quality of life of our poor and bring our beloved Philippines and its wonderful people to its rightful place in the world.

Jobs is priority number one. We need more jobs, to further improve on the data that says that the unemployment rate has gone down to 5.8%, the lowest in 10 years. Food security is a priority, never mind that self rated hunger is down to 11% from 23.4% in 6 years. Yes we need inclusive growth but we need economic leadership for these concerns, not a chief of police with extra judicial proclivities. 

4.) Our next president should work on the economic gains and continued job creation for our fellowmen and women.We need  real change we are looking for against crime and corruption in our country.

5.) I want the next government to avoid any new tax burden on the people, and to lower the obscenely-high tax rates imposed on employees, professionals and entrepreneurs.

In many countries where they raised tobacco taxes the consumption dramatically took a dive because while smoking is an addictive habit people were forced to quit because the prices were high. Eighty five percent of the money raised from sin tax goes to finance health services which is overly burdened by the tobacco epidemic.  Would we rather that the poor have more access to tobacco and death?I strongly support it.

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