Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Questions They Need to Answer

As a typical voter I have not made up my mind as to who I am voting for. I am leaning towards someone but anything can happen. I have reading and researching about the candidates for the highest office in the land.

I will not go into the campaign strategies today but I would like to go into my questions for the candidates? I feel like this questions should really be answered as this will help us to determine who among them is worthy of our precious vote.

  • Grace Poe- What can she offer the Filipino People if she wins? It is know that she drew attention when she showed us the plight of a typical commuter of LRT/MRT issue? How does she think she will solve that problem with DOTC when she wins
  • Mayor Duterte- Why are you supporting Federalism? From what I understand The present system of government by its centralized nature as enshrined in the constitution establishes the "dependence". The Local Government Code devolved some of the functions and decision making to an extent that would not violate the constitution. My opinion is that the The Local Government Code has afforded cities some degree of "reduction" from financial dependence specially in crafting local taxes and fees. But just how collection of taxes, disbursements and allocations are done (which is still the bulk of the money) they are still very much centralized. So my question is how can the voters be sure that the funds will not be prone to corruption. How will you resolve problem with the Infrastructures?
  •  Miriam Defensor Santiago- Your health has always be an issue during this campaign and you refused to give a certificate that states that you are healthy. Some are going as far as saying that should you and Bongbong Marcos win you will step down to give way for him to be the President which scares a lot of people. I have read your platform but you never discussed how you will fix the issue with the MRT and LRT?
  • Jejomar Binay- Why can't you answer the allegations against you? You have been summoned to a senate inquiry and yet you cannot face the music. You always say that you will face them eventually but you never did. Why do you feel that everyone is trying to bring you down? If you win who will you appoint as cabinet secretary to fix the mess in the DOTC?
  • Mar Roxas- What can you say about your detractors about your role in Typhoon Yolanda and the Mamasapano encounter? What will continiue from this Administration and what will you not do if you win? Will you retain Jun Abaya of the DOTC who is very inefficient in his job?

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