Monday, February 22, 2016

Presidential Candidates Take Heed

As a typical voter I still haven't decided who I will vote for.I want someone who will help improve the lives of the Filipino's. They are right when they said 6 years is too short for a great president and too long if we get a bad one.

Every country has its problems and the Philippines is not immune to them. But there are lots of optimism especially in terms of the economy. On the other hand, Presidential Candidates should see this as a challenge and find ways to improve on this figure. Along with this are nine other issues which bring to 10 Philippine issues that Presidential Candidates need to prioritize.

1. Economy and Jobs
Under President Aquino’s leadership, the economy rose by an average of 6.2 percent, the fastest since the late ’70s. Due to reforms in the bureaucracy, business has been bullish and foreign direct investment has been rising 53.1 percent from 2012 to 2014.

As reported by the National Statistics Office, the unemployment rate fell to 5.7 percent in October 2015, the lowest in the record, and beating the market forecasts of 6.5 percent. Creating jobs remain a challenge. if the oil price plunge continues some 1.5 million workers in the Middle East will lose their jobs.

2. Traffic
In Metro-Manila, the inefficient mass transit systems and the growing number of vehicles costs road users P2.4 billion a day and could balloon to P30 billion by 2030. This figure does not include urban traffic outside Metro-Manila. The system within the DOTC needs to be restructured is flawed and it really needs to be fixef

3. Poverty

The country’s 2015 Millennium Development Goals is to halve the poverty rate to 16.6 percent from 33.1 percent in 1991. The government is fast-tracking its efforts to bring down by 2016 the poverty incidence from 25% to at least 18 percent.

4. Education- We need to really upgrade the quality of our education in the Philippines which unfortunately needs a lot of legislation.

5. Corruption- Where do I even start? Please remove the pork barrel already it is always subject to abuse. 

6. Health Care - We already have the RH Bill but it can't be fully implemented whatever happened to separation of church and state?

7. Foreign Policy- We need to fix the problem with China. China has been building infrastructures on territories claimed by the Philippines and that's the problem because we are too scared to do anything so we let them just do whatever they want.

8. Peace and Order- We want to invite tourists to visit our country and to be able to that we need to fix the situation with Peace and Order.

9. Divorce- Unfortunately ,we don't have that here in the Philippines and no legislation has been made to support it.

10. Better Infrastructures- We need to invest on better infrastructure especially in the rural areas.

There are a lot of issues that need fixing they shouldn't focus on just one topic or two topics. We need someone who does their homework actually knows what they are doing. Experience is never a factor for me because the veteran's are jaded and they are in it not because they are passionate to serve others and instead they want to serve themselves. This is a sad realization because I don't want my kids to grow up thinking that this is all good.

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