Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mar Roxas: Guilty or Innocent

I am really not surprised that Vitangcol has implicated Mar Roxas into this mess.I just question the timing why didn't he say anything before. This being the campaign season and all.When he was charged by the ombudsman why didn't he hold a press conference to drop the bomb on Mar Roxas, I am not defending Mar Roxas but I really question the motives and the intentions. But of course as DOTC  Secretary Joseph Abaya cannot just implement the projects and the money cannot be released without consent from the his bosses. He doesn't mean the Filipino people by the way. The projects are really questionable like letting go of Sumitomo and hiring inefficient and expensive companies to do the maintenance.  No wonder they are really "protecting" the DOTC head.

I don't think Vitangcol is innocent in all of this as he is among the individuals who profited from this scam. Why didn't do a lifestyle check on him?  Isn't it ironic that he is the only official that is charged by the Ombudsman? According to him DOTC headed by former Secretary Manuel "Mar" Roxas, current DOTC Secretary Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Atty. Jose Perpetuo Lotilla and Undersecretary Rene Limcaoco just told him what do. They gave instructions on how things should be done? They dictated what decisions needed to be done. Who to pick during the biddng. This is really disturbing and this really bothers me.
He even stressed that they should also be charged for inaction and manipulation of how to run the DOTC especially with the maintenance of MRT3. This is really starting to make sense to me no wonder everything is going awry. The officials in DOTC should be held accountable for this mess. 

With their inaction they caused a chain reaction and who is affected? Us the poor commuters we are always the collateral damage and do they care not really. Just like any commuter I dread the MRT during rush hour and have they even ridden the MRT incognito during the rush hour.

An allegation, straight from one of the principals of the wrong doing. What is the Ombudsman sitting on this case for? Another case of  favoritism from Malacanang. I am just wondering despite his inefficiency why is Abaya still in office? Is this because they scared to let him go because he knows so much and they could implicate his bosses? So I ask you is Mar Roxas Guilty or Innocent? You be the judge

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