Friday, May 31, 2013

Senator-Elect Cynthia Villar Launches Plastic Recycling Factory

Senator elect Cynthia Villar set up a plastic recycling factory, the first of its kind in metro manila.

Using a set of machines worth p5 million, the factory makes school chairs from plastic. The amount may be staggering but it is a small price to pay if we’re talking about eradicating the stench from garbage.

The trash has to be finely grounded before being placed in a washing tub. It is then dried before it gets melted and poured into molds.

Senator-elect Villar said that she first saw this technology in Davao where plastic trash has been used to make school chairs for three years already.

According to Chester Lemen, the inventor of these plastic recycling machines, they could produce 60-70 chairs per day as it only needs 15 minutes to complete one chair.

A chair needs 24 kilos of raw materials.

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