Friday, May 03, 2013

CFC FFL Endorses White Vote 6 + 3!

The  LAIKO (lay groups officially recognized by the CBCP) last night launched the White Vote Movement (

We endorsed the following for the Senate: JV EjercitoGringo HonasanMitos MagsaysayKoko PimentelSonny Trillanes and Cynthia Villar. Notice that 3 are from Team PNoy and 3 are from UNA. We are not siding with particular political parties. We are simply on the side of faith, family and life.

In addition, we are endorsing the 3 senatorial candidates of the Ang Kapatiran Party:Lito DavidJC de los Reyes and Marwil Llasos. Collectively, these 9 candidates are known as TEAM BUHAY.
As we desire to elect pro-lifers to the Senate, we also desire to keep anti-lifers away from the Senate. As such, we ask that Filipinos NOT vote for the following who voted in favor of the RH Bill: Sonny Angara, Teddy Casino, Alan Peter Cayetano, Jackie Enrile, Chiz Escudero, Risa Hontiveros and Loren Legarda. These candidates also cut across party lines. Collectively, these 7 are known as TEAM PATAY.
As there are 12 seats in the Senate, we have endorsed 9 and there are still 3 slots that you can fill up. There are other pro-lifers running for the Senate and we ask you to seriously consider them as well.
Please do the following:
(1)  Spread the TEAM BUHAY – TEAM PATAY line-ups and actively campaign for TEAM BUHAY.
(2)  Speak to your parish priests and parish lay leaders and help organize a parish-based system of making the TEAM BUHAY candidates known to all parishioners, down to the grassroots. With the approval of your parish priest, we also recommend the posting of TEAM BUHAY – TEAM PATAY lists in the church and parish facilities.
(3)  In looking at the other elective positions (Congressman, governor, mayor, etc), make your first criterion one’s stand on the culture of life.
We live in critical times, as the tsunami of evil starts to overwhelm our land. But evil can only thrive if good people do nothing. Our legislators make the laws that govern us. But we elect those legislators. We are a Catholic nation, but secular forces are assaulting our faith and traditional way of life. If we love God, family and life, we must stand in defense of what is good and true.
Join the White Vote Movement now, and elect TEAM BUHAY to the Senate.
May our Lord and Lady bless and protect our beloved Philippines.

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