Monday, May 06, 2013

Cynthia Villar is now a Regal Baby

Press Con of @cynthia_villar sponsored by Mother Lily #misishanepbuhay
‘REGAL BABIES’ – “Regal Babies”… in the field of politics..Mother Lily Monteverde calls them. They’re senatorial candidates who the lady producer is supporting. Closest to Mother Lily are Grace Poe, Loren Legarda, and Chiz Escudero.

The other “Regal Babies” are Allan Cayetano, Rissa Hontiveros, Bam Aquino, Cynthia Villar, Sonny Trillanes, Dick Gordon, Koko Pimentel, Greg Honasan.
@Cynthia_Villar Meets the Press  Supported by Manny Villar and ,Mother Lilly #misishanepbuhay
CRITERIA – How does a senatorial aspirant earn the “Regal Baby” title?
Mother Lily says one must be good men or women, dedicated, hardworking, honest. And is supportive of and sympathetic to Philippine movies, which she loves with a passion.
Now that local cinema is struggling to survive, Mother Lily hopes that incumbent senators (and future senators) will come to its rescue. Help, support, subsidize, encourage filmmakers.
If a producer has no TV network, or does not partner with one, chances of making money are very little.

NOTHING IN RETURN – Yes, Mother Lily does not expect to get anything in return for her all-out support.
Ask all the senators she’s helped if the lady producer expected or requested any favor or preferential treatment. “Wala,” “nada,” nothing. It’s enough that she helped them.

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