Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Text scammers use Villar Foundation in latest con attempt

If its too good to be true it probably is!! An old, recycled scam via Small-Messaging-System (SMS) or text-messaging is out anew albeit with new “improvements.”

The old trick comes in a congratulatory message to the recipient mobile phone user cum selected victim.  Said message bearing supposed good news that the phone unit is a winning unit with corresponding prize money.
The new improvement now is the use of Villar Foundation as the supposed sponsor.  Villar Foundation is run by the family of Senator Manny and wife, former representative Cynthia Villar currently involved in nationwide medical missions and charity work.

One of the numbers used in the scam is Globe’s 0926-134-0934.  Here's a sample of the message:
“Notice: U’r sim # had won Php:780,000 from: VILLAR FOUNDATION.During our 20th Aniversary.  Call me now.  This is SecROY B. IBAY DTI-NCR permit #0328 s’ 2012,” the complete text of the scam went.

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