Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Where is Barbara???


How to Join
Watch out for Barbara in different places around the metro and take a picture of her.
Learn about her forthcoming apparitions by following her on TwitterFacebookMultiply or her blog. 

IMPORTANT: Pictures can be stolen shots (ala paparazzi). You are not supposed to pose with Barbara or to ask her to pose for you. Just take a picture.
Go to the Veet Catch and Shoot Barbara Promo website, http://www.catchandshootbarbarapromo.com/ andupload the picture.
The picture will serve as your entry for the raffle draw.

A valid entry must have all the following information:
• Name
• e-Mail
• Contact Details (Telephone and/or Mobile Number/s)
• Date of Sighting
• Place of Sighting

A participant may submit more than one entry per sighting but each entry must have a different picture.
Pictures must be in JPEG format and must not exceed 2MB in size.
Use the "Share" button to share the link and invite your friends to vote for your picture on the Veet Catch and Shoot Barbara Promo website. The highest rated pictures of the week will get special prizes. Highest rated pictures are still eligible for the weekly draw or grand draw.

Prizes are here! Join na!



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