Monday, March 01, 2010

Risshun is Finally Here

In the traditional Japanese calendar, Risshun is the first day of spring. For Canon Philippines, Risshun is the beginning of more wonderful things to come. It’s the promise of positive developments – a strategist for a new president, a fabulously new headquarters, and a powerful line-up of new products. So what’s in it to watch out for?
A kaleidoscope summer
Summer is workshop season for adolescents and kids. For the creative mom, summer is also a good time to bond with the kids and the hubby by taking part in their workshops. For those enrolled in visual art workshops, keeping the finished artworks simply melts a mom’s heart. For those undergoing the performance art workshops, photos are sure to capture that wonderful experience.
To help moms preserve these precious creative mementos, Canon PIXMA’s new printer line-up can print (PIXMA iP2770); scan, copy, and print (PIXMA MP258); and scan, print, and fax (PIXMA MX347). Besides, they can enjoy enhanced functionalities such as super fast print speeds, Auto Document Fix, borderless printing, Quick Start, and Easy Photo Print.
Creative moms can also start earning through Canon’s printing features, with templates for CD labels, calendars, scrapbooks, graphing papers, and a lot more. Further, Canon has interactive initiatives like CanoScanography and Creative Park to help bring out the artists in them.
To top it all, Canon’s ChromaLife100+ technology (when used with genuine Canon papers) lets moms print sharp, lab-quality photos that can last 300 years. That’s keeping memories that can last more than a lifetime!
A feast of visions and expressions
The Filipino photographer, like all artists, is passionate and dedicated. Her art is an essential part of her individuality and wholeness. The Filipino photographer is not bound by time or age, language, socio-economic status, gender, or even gender preference. Her vision is as wide as her view of her world and her role in it.
Like all creative media, the camera brings out both an artist’s objectivity and subjectivity: objective because it captures realities as they happen and subjective because it captures just bits and pieces of those realities. The camera frame is the photographer’s personal perspective of the world around her; and she is brave enough to capture this perspective and make her view concrete and tangible.
The camera is a tool for recreating reality in vivid, colorful, and creative ways. As summertime comes alive with this vibrancy and boundless expression, capture them through Canon’s newest cameras on parade, the IXUS 210/105/130, PowerShot A495/A490/A3100 IS/A3000 IS/SX210 IS/, and the EOS 550D. Now made even more intelligent, compact, and fully loaded with more scene modes and effects, the Canon camera is the Filipino photographer’s invaluable companion.

Print and conserve

A sustainable society is every person’s responsibility. Canon takes this to heart by supporting the fulfillment of this sustainability through environment conservation.
Canon realizes that the whole life cycle of a product can affect the amount of energy consumption and of pollutant and CO2 emission in the planet. To address these concerns, Canon undertakes efforts to reduce the amount of used energy and of pollutant and CO2 emitted by products from the stages of production (raw materials used, product design, and actual production), product use (transit and features), and recycling or disposal.
Some specific pro-environment initiatives being undertaken by Canon are the development of compact cameras that use as few resources as possible; production of printers and copying machines that consume dramatically less energy; and programs on the collection, recycling, and proper disposal of used toner and ink cartridges.
The new PIXMA MP258 and MX347 printers have Quick Start and self-opening paper output tray features to help conserve electricity and avoid paper wastage, respectively.
*About Canon
Canon Inc. is a global leader in photographic and digital imaging solutions. It is dedicated to the advancement in technology and innovation and commits 10% of its total revenue each year to R&D. Canon has consistently remained as one of the top 3 companies to have earned the most number of patents over the last decade. Since 1993, Canon continues to be ranked as one of the world’s largest corporations by the Fortune Global 500 Ranking. Guided by its kyosei philosophy, which focuses on “living and working together for the common good,” Canon delivers high-performance and user-friendly products and solutions to improve efficiency both in the office and home environment.

Canon Marketing (Philippines) Inc. has been delighting Filipinos for over 10 years.  It is currently ranked as 375 among the Top 5000 Corporations.  More information is available at

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