Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Help ANYA listen

Dear friends! Please help spread the word! Please tell your parents and your parents' friends!

Come and listen to Chopin's Music! And help ANYA hear!

World known virtuoso pianist Cecile Licad flies to Manila to perform Chopin's classical masterpieces with the Manila Symphony Orchestra on March 29, Monday 8pm in the Philam Life Auditorium

Ticket prices are:
PhP3,000.00 orchestra center
PhP2,000.00 orchestra side
PhP1,000.00 balcony

Part of the ticket sales will be donated to Anya Racho-Orobia, a 9 month old baby with profound hearing loss and mental retardation. Funds will be for Anya to improve her hearing so she can listen to the beautiful world of music!

For tickets, please contact:
Krissy Racho-Orobia at 0917-8299808 or 2167748 or email krissyracho@gmail.com

Anya has been diagnosed with profound hearing loss. The sound of an airplane engine is deafening to our ears, but comes as a whisper to Anya. She is a candidate for cochlear implants which cost around PhP1,000,000.00 per ear. By statistics, the sooner a child has cochlear implants, the better the outcome will be. Early intervention is always the best. She can also already enroll in Auditory-Verbal Therapy which will help her develop her speech.

Part of the ticket sales of the concert will be donated to help Anya hear and eventually help her speak. Anya will be 9 months and half by the date of the concert.

To know more visit http://anyasmiracle.multiply.com

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