Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Red Shoes

Set amidst the backdrop during the revolution, among the crowds that stormed the palace was a young boy who found himself in front of the First Lady's vast collection of shoes.10-year-old Lucas Munozca catches sight of the First Lady’s 3000 pairs of shoes at the Presidential Palace and decides to steal a pair of red shoes. He took a pair of red shoes and gave them to two significant women in his life His Mom and Bettina his first love. Years later, the shoes come to haunt him in unexpected ways.

That is how the story begins.

“The Red Shoes” is a love story, plain and simple, but one set against an intriguing chapter of Philippine history, produced by Unitel, the group  that made the box office hit “Crying Ladies” and “Santa Santita.”

“The story unfolds through three decades as we tell Lucas’ story,” Young, resolute and in love, there is nothing that will stop him from pursuing his goals – not even committing an act amidst the chaos and confusion of the 1986 People Power revolution – all in the name of love.”This is an amazing movie, the script was well thought of and well written. It's something that our local cinema industry needs. Great movies such as

The movie also stars Liza Lorena, Tessie Tomas, Iwa Moto, Tetchie Agbayani, Monica Llamas and Tirso Cruz III.

Congratulations to James Ladioray for a great script,for director, Raul Jorolan, and Unitel for producing a magnificent film wortht of international recognition.

 It will be shown in local theaters on March 10, 2010. To get pumped up by “The Red Shoes,” visit

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