Wednesday, November 18, 2009

TV Time

One thing that is lacking here in the Philippines is lack of variety for satellite television providers. Unlike in the US.I miss the options of watching Foodnetwork or HGTV in the morning. I miss eating my lunch while watching Game Show network or HBO On Demand shows.In short I miss my Direct Satellite TV subscription.

My inlaws are going to the United States for a vacation and they are also thinking of permanently relocating there to be with their son in the near future. I keep telling them about DirectTV  and how it is different from other providers that they can choose from. I'm excited for them because once they start I know that they will really love the Satellite Directv experience. Since they are both big television watchers like me.

They will really like Direct TV Satellite because they have great rates, discounts and promotions. I'm sure that they will enjoy the DirectTV promotions because they  will receive them a great rates because the competition is really very stiff. Everyone wants to grab a piece of the pie. The real winner will always be the consumer.

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