Saturday, November 21, 2009

Body Combat Marathon Challenge

The desire to stay healthy and fit is well received by most. The problem lies in finding excitement in  exercise routines that will encourage participants to stick with the program. Staying true to its mission of providing innovative fitness programs that adds spice and flair to working out, Fitness First brings the 2009 Body Combat Challenge: Muay Thai Wars.

Now on its fourth year, the 2009 Body Combat Marathon Challenge brings together martial arts enthusiasts who have enjoyed the Body Combat program. The 2009 Body Combat Marathon Challenge is a venue where participants can unleash their inner warrior and  exhibit their best moves, skills and improvised techniques from the  steps they have learned.  Being a non-combat martial arts based fitness program with moves drawn from Karate, Taekwondo, KungFu, kickboxing, Tai Chi, and Muay Thai, Body Combat provides an exhilarating exercise experience that delivers ultra-fast fitness results.

“Fitness First is dedicated to motivating people not just to improve their overall health by providing them with top of the line equipment and exciting group exercises. By bringing annual competitions like the 2009 Body Combat Marathon, provide people a venue where they can showcase their skills and improve their health,” said Mark Ellis, Country Manager, Fitness First Philippines “Body Combat is an empowering cardio workout where participants are completely unleashed. With driving music and inspiring, world-class Fitness First trainers, we assure participants of meeting their fitness goals and having fun at the same time,” adds Ellis

Every year, Fitness First ensures that each Body Combat marathon will be more challenging and difficult than the last. This year, the Body Combat marathon challenge focuses on Muay Thai, bringing the best of the best from different clubs to face-off their best moves and skews.  Eighteen of the most difficult Muay Thai tracks will be featured, upping the level of difficulty as the Muay Thai tracks are considered the height of the exercise in a Body Combat track.

Teams from all 18 Fitness First clubs nationwide competed to make it to the finals. Categories include individual, tribe and club. The individual category will focus on form, endurance and power while the tribe category on form, power and creativity.  The best club category will be determined from the combined scores of the individual and tribe categories. Participants are a mix of Fitness First members and non-club members who registered at a Fitness First club.

Out of the hundreds who vied for the top slot in a two-week elimination round last October, only the best 12 members were selected to represent their chosen club.  From the twelve, they will be divided into two categories – the individual and tribe. The four hour final marathon challenge night however will require the teams to inject artistry, originality, creativity, and fitness magic in their delivery and execution of the Body Combat tracks without veering away from the basics that comprise the essence of Body Combat.

The marathon will be paneled and judged by a roster of several sports and martial art aficionados, - A Les Mills certified International Body Jam Trainor; Arnold Warren, the Senior Group Exercise Manager; Leonard Velez and Michael Abacan, Certified Les Mills Body Combat,Pump and Balance Instructor and a Full time International Chef Kerwin Go, Designer and Official Main Event Designer, Stylist Alecs Porras who is also a Body Combat/RPM Enthusiast, A group from Elorde Boxing and Muay Thai Federation Champions composed of Alfredo Tenaja Jr, Jerson Palaci Estoro, Alfe Jay Tenaja, Dwan Abantao, Francis Caldeza, Bernard Alvarez, Francis Benito and Miss Cucuy Elorde.

 Winners of the Body Combat Marathon Challenge: Muay Thai wars will be awarded the following.  For individual category, winners will get 10k worth of Nike products, 5K worth of Crocs, 5K worth of Amazing Touch Skine Service, 5K worth of Rescuederm Services,  1 Silverworks necklace, and   products from Powerade,  SanMarino, Whealth, Nesvita, Greenstone , Nova, and Gardenia

For Best Tribe, 20k worth of Nike products, 7K worth of Crocs, 7K worth of Amazing Touch Skine Service, 7K worth of Rescuederm Services,  7 Silverworks necklaces, and   products from Powerade,  SanMarino, Whealth, Nesvita, Greenstone , Nova, and Gardenia.

And for the Best Club category,  winners will get 50K worth of Nike Products, 15K worth of Crocs, 10K worth of Amazing Touch Skin Services,  10K worth of  Rescuderm Services, 13 Glass Trophies from Pacific Glass, 13 Silverworks Necklaces, and   products from Powerade,  SanMarino, Whealth, Nesvita, Greenstone , Nova, and Gardenia.

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