Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Comfort with Style

Ugg boots  (sometimes called uggs) are a style of unisex sheepskin boots lined with wool on the inside and with a tanned outer surface. Ugg boots often have a synthetic sole, although this is not universal. Heights range from around the ankle to above the knee, they are available in a range of different colours as both slip-on and lace-up varieties, and they are produced by a number of manufacturers. The natural insulative properties of sheepskin gives thermostatic properties to the boots: the thick fleecy fibers on the inner part of the boots allow air to circulate and keep the feet at body temperature. This means that ugg boots can be worn without socks even in relatively cold weather.

Ugg  style is believed to have originated in Australia or New Zealand, although the exact date is uncertain – they have been, at different times, identified with pilots in World War I who are said to have worn them for warmth in unpressurized planes, shearers in rural Australia during the 1920s, and surfers and competitive swimmers and who wore them in the 1960s and 1970s for keeping warm while out of the water. In the early 2000s they became a fashion item in the United States, leading to increased global sales.

Ugg boots are traditionally made from sheepskin. The wool is tanned into the leather, and the upper part of the boot is assembled with the fleece on the inside. The soles of the boots are made from rubber, and the stitching is often prominent on the outside of the boot. The fleece draws away moisture, keeping the feet dry and at body temperature.Today they come in a variety of colours, including black, pink, blue, chestnut, fuchsia and so on. Also they are available in both slip-on and lace-up varieties. The height of the boot can range from just above the ankle to, in some cases, over the knee.Prices are very affordable and if you can get really lucky you can avail of an ugg boots sale online

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