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Harmonizing may seem like the safest way to go in decorating, but with the coming of “Vibrant Chic” the bedroom is up for an exciting makeover. “Vibrant Chic” is the new collection of bed linens and accessories under the Daphne Oseña Paez line of Linens Direct.

Linens Direct is highly-regarded as a trend setting brand since it first came out with a line of bedding accessories of refreshing designs—color combinations that offer new mixes and prints that are exceptional in their originality. It has also become

synonymous with  2009 promises to be the year that will prove that in the world of luxury goods, a struggling economy or a looming global recession will have virtually no impact on goods that are classic and utterly desirable.

 Luxury is no longer a buzz word but a lifestyle choice for most people.  Whether or not economics dictate conscientious purchases, there are those things that are non-negotiable items to live with and are considered perennial must-haves.

The true sign of the times was the move towards “cocooning” or in certain terms, making the best of your own home by making it your one true oasis.  This has become even more relevant now, as ever.  What with consumer goods, traveling and even resort and hotel rates losing their appeal because of skyrocketing costs... Now more than ever, your home should be your only haven.  And your shelter should be filled with no less than affordable luxury items that will comfort you through all of life's demands.

With this in mind, Linens Direct has created a line with no less than Urban Living expert and luxury guru Daphne Osena-Paez.  Known for her fine taste and for having a keen eye for what is stylish yet sensible, Daphne the elegant host and television personality collaborated with the fine linen makers to produce luxurious yet effortless products to complete a unique beddings collection that will not require breaking the bank.
high-quality and impeccable craftsmanship—offering linens with luxurious feel, supreme thread count and handcrafted details.

Consumers with a fashion-forward concept in design, interior experts and professionals prefer Linens Direct because of the brand’s exclusive affiliation with the quality, craftsmanship and design engineering of high-end and designer brands abroad. As such, Linens Direct continues to innovate as it creates newer lines of more groundbreaking designs—one of which is the Daphne Oseña Paez line, which incorporates the “Vibrant Chic” collection.
 And as the collection’s label puts forward, “Vibrant Chic” is an edgy line comprising of stylish prints and patterns, and surprising color palettes that are guaranteed to lend spunk to your bed.

 Daphne Oseña Paez, the icon that inspired the collection bearing her name, exclaims that “Vibrant Chic” reflects the facet of her personality that is spirited and lighthearted. Known for her refined dressing sensibilities which show an inclination to classic styles, refined color mixes and subtle details, Daphne admits she too has an easygoing side.

“I may be known for wearing the classics but I always infuse a bit of quirkiness to my wardrobe. I like adding one bold and striking piece of accessory—like my colorful charm necklaces, or colored shoes or by wearing prints. For me there’s no middle ground. It’s either I go really ultra classic and toned down or go all out with prints and colors. Fashion is fun that way, and I’m glad that with home design we can now have fun as well,” she says.

Daphne admits that the same motivation inspired the “Vibrant Chic” collection of the Daphne Oseña Paez line for Linens Direct. The stylish TV host, writer and producer has come up with a collection of bed linens and accessories characterized by bold, hip prints that conjure exotic locales and urban hubs to add a dash of fashionable flair to any bedroom.

“Now that I’ve introduced the idea of dressing up your bed in good quality and luxurious basics, it’s time to add fashion into the equation. I like the thought of building a wardrobe for your bed. I do it at home for my family, so it’s only natural that the Daphne bed linens would go this direction,” she points out.

The collection includes the following styles: Glamrock, Helsinki, St. Tropez, Retro Squares and Psychedelia. Glamrock is a style luxurious in feel and sleek in design Set against the boldness of black are overlapping white squares that create a bold and vibrant clash of non-colors.

 Nurturing a Scandinavian design concept in mind? The Helsinki set will certainly bring exotic glamour to the bedroom. The sinuous grill pattern expressed in jade provides the graceful printed accent to liven up the bedroom. St. Tropez, on the other hand, translates the call of the seas and the lure of adventure into a bedding motif of clean yet attractive appeal. Waves of blue ropes cut across a sea of white to create a pretty bed pattern.

Retro Square is a throwback to the whimsical geometrical graphics of the sixties. The warmth of yellow provides the vibrant background to concentric squares in white—creating a playful, yet trendy bedding dressing. Psychedelia reflects the bold and daring design mood of the seventies with its oversized hexagon prints bordered in graduated shades of brown. The pattern evokes the organic buzz of a beehive but presents a sleek and audacious bedding design.

“‘Vibrant Chic is a step forward in bedding and linen design because it reflects the current trend interior decorating: Clash and Chic,” informs Daphne. “The prints are generous in proportion and features patterns that are more fashionably up-to-the-minute rather than traditional. What’s pleasurable is that the luxurious feel that made Linens Direct and the Daphne Oseña Paez line so famous are still very much part of the manufacturing process. ‘Vibrant Chic’ is classic in quality and feel, but with a conspicuous edge in terms of design.”

 The idea, she adds, is not to create clutter, but to avoid the dullness of monotonous design schemes and color palettes. “The beauty of this collection is that you can actually use components from each of the sets and combine them using color palette or print as accent to create a bedding scheme that is artistic, subtly coordinated but definitely not contrived. With it you can say goodbye to boring matchy-matchiness and welcome a breath of spontaneity.”

 The Vibrant Chic collection is available exclusively at SM Homeworld (Megamall, Makati, Cebu and Davao). The Classic Daphne Oseña-Paez Line and all the other collections of Linens Direct is available at Our Home stores in V-Mall, SM Megamall, SM Southmall, SM Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA, SM Fairview, SM Bacoor, SM Cebu, SM San Lazaro, SM Clark and Pampanga.

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