Saturday, September 19, 2009

"It's Krrunch Time, get Playful!"

It is really important for my kids to remember me as being a big part of their lives. Even if I am a working mom. Every moment that I have with my kids should be full of Krrunch. Every moment is important to me.

I always want to make it simple yet memorable.. Even if we are just at home. I make our activities memorable. We read books, we watch videos and we play games that in itself is unforgettable. My kids also look forwards to their favorite snacks after playtime is over and done with.

I read somewhere that he best time to spend with your children is in the first 10-12 years of their lives. As teenagers, they begin to distance themselves from you, so make the most of it when they are young, when they want to hug, sit on your knee and love every minute of your company..So whether just eating or even just watching TV. "It's Krrunch Time, get Playful!"

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