Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ive been spotting for 6 days so I went to the
hospital and had some tests done and heard
something that I didn't want to. Your baby
is in the right place but the baby has no heartbeat.

Im in a dark place right now. I know God has a reason
for everything and its probably not the time but
still I feel the void, I feel the pain and the disappointment.

I feel the rug was pullled under my feet. I feel like I want
to cry but the tears wouldn't come.

To you my baby Gabe,

We wanted you..
We were looking forward to meeting you.
We will always be your parents even if
you are in heaven watching over us.

We love you Gabe..
You will always be our middle child.
We may have another one but you cannot be replaced.

We love you even before we have met you
We love you even if you are no longer with us.
We will love you forever..


kitakitts said...


i just found your site again and read this post. Hang in there..

Anonymous said...

I'm sure God has plans and His reasons for this to happen. Hold on to your faith.


jeanny said...

hugs sis...just be strong sis...God has has great plans for you and your family

Jerl said...

I ddn't know... I am so sorry... I have been reading blogs again trying to catch up...

Hang in there.