Monday, March 20, 2006

I've been tagged by Mickee..Parang di na ata updated sagot ko
kasi 5 years old na si Joshwa

How did you feel during those first few days after the birth?
==> I had a C-section so it was hard at first. But after a few
days I was up and about and was able to fix Joshwa's baptism.
He was baptized when he was 9 Days old.

How were you emotionally?
==>It was terrible. I was the poster girl for PPD i tell you and
my husband had to bear the brunt of it .

Is there anything you wish people had told you
about the postpartum period?
==> That people shouldn't joke about this things
because its not a joke to go through this
and I salute those women who come forward to
seek medical help.

How long do you plan to breastfeed?
==> Initially I wanted to breastfeed as long as
I could but at the time there was no support system for me.
Wala pang breastfeeding counsellor na puede mag house
call para turuan ka kung paano mag latch.

Do you have any advice for getting through those first weeks of breastfeeding?
==> Support is very important find a friend or get your husband to rally behind you to encourage you
when you feel like giving up

Was there any stress between you and your husband over the baby?
==> None because Philbert is the best dad. At times he may not be
a great husband but he is the best dad he would wake up in the
middle of the night and prepare milk for Joshwa and the works and
he would give Joshwa a bath. He would gladly babysit Joshwa when
the need arises.

Let's talk about your body, Did things get totally rearranged?
==> Hahahaha

Care to share how much you weighed before and how much now?
==> Hahahhaha....

What advice-or comfort-can you offer other new moms about
their weight ?
==> These too shall pass

How important is it for you to have a work identity?
==> Well for me if I had a choice I would really want to just work from the
home and focus on Joshwa .

Was your baby a lot of fun right from the start?
==> no he was crying and waking up at 3 am not fun at all

What's your baby like now?
==> He's a big boy and he brings us so much joy

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