Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Here's a good article on Secondary Infertility. I can relate to this article because I have it.
Secondary Infertility
Psyche Pascual

Finding out you're infertile can be agonizing, and reaching out to friends and family for support is natural. But when couples or individuals have had one child and face difficulties having another, they often get little or no sympathy from the people around them. This type of infertility is called secondary infertility, and it can be as painful as being unable to conceive a first child (primary infertility).

Even friendly queries from a relative or friend, like "When are you having another child?" can sting, especially when a couple has been trying for years to have one. If a couple does go through expensive fertility treatment, friends and family members may not understand the emotional and financial toll it can exact. Infertility support groups may not help because people dealing with secondary infertility may find that members are less understanding to anyone who already has a child.

It's no wonder that secondary infertility is considered an invisible dilemma, and that so many suffering from it feel shut out of the world around them.

The good news is that there are many options for people who want more children. Before fertility treatment, though, talk with your partner about how much you want or can afford. Depending on your prognosis and finances, you may eventually want to consider other options, such as adoption.

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Mickee said...

Hi Leirs, nothing is impossible with God. I know a lot of couples who have been without a child for a long time but were still blessed with one through prayers.

You're not alone - a lot of women have infertility problems - me included. It can be depressing, especially because people can't help but ask. With the advancement of science, kahit paano, mas malaki na ang chances ngayon.

Tight hugs to you!