Monday, January 12, 2015

Be Fare

Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph “Jun” Abaya failed to attend Wednesday’s hearing on the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and the Light Rail Transit (LRT) fare hike supposedly to attend preparations for the papal visit. Jun Abaya considers a papal visit more important than answering the people of the Philippines- now we know where we stand don't we, or maybe we've always known.

It seems to me that President Aquino has appointed more useless people, more corrupt people, more simpletons than is usual to find in the miserable administrations we have had to endure over so many years. We should stop embracing mediocrity and failure, and protect those people who excel in these habits, Abaya, Alan,Mar, Butch and to name a few.

It's infuriating that Abaya can flip us the finger then scurry into his hole like a rat, laughing all the while that we can't do anything but complain, confident in his protetor in Malacanang. The Senate should subpoena him once and for all. For the record, I don't mind paying more if the MRT improves, but as long as Abaya is in charge, that's a lost hope. Rather than allowing the private owners to follow their original plan to let Metro Pacific and Sumitomo repair the MRT, he waffles and delays with this pipe dream if buyionmg out the MRT first (wasted time, assuming he can get the funds to but complete ownership rather than just the rights) then bid out a new contract (more wasted time, especially since it'll probably end up with his buddy APT-Global which appears to be staffed by chimpanzees).

Abaya must resign. We (Bosses - Filipino) find him incompetent. He is not patriotic. His Loyalty is not to his "Bosses", i.e. the Filipino people, but just to himself. Why is he needed in the preparation for the coming of the Pope. MMDA should take care of it and his managers. If his decision is needed, he can call them.Pres. Aquino what is happening to your staff. It seems they're already planning or doing their last minute money-generating scheme to enrich themselves before your term ends.

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