Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Be Fair and Don't Raise The Fare

The Department of Transportation and Communication Secretary Emilio Abaya has ample guts to proceed with his planned strategies to complete the buyout as per his latest announcement of Department Order for MRT in Metro Manila.

Jun Abaya’s confidence coupled by the administration support  in backing up the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) made him the focus of so many disappointments coming from different sectors of the society. The Administration’s truly involved and believed the same way as he did. Moreover, he has the support for this MRT3 endeavor all along.

It's not about the fare, it's the quality of the service you are getting. They should have fixed their services before they increased the fare. Just look at MRT this 2014 I've seen with my own eyes that the trains are in dire need of repair, some parts of the ceiling are falling off. Even HK MTR audit says MRT's overall performance is unsatisfactory. Now if the service gets improved then it is okay to ask for a fare hike.

If the "Assessment Survey" was commissioned by MRT 3 surely, any recommendations from that report should have the MRT 3 management follow it through, otherwise why commissioned a study if nothing is done to push thru it's recommendations especially if it involves life and limb of the riding public. All that is needed now is to determine if management is doing what is needed to be done.

MAINTENANCE is a big issue for almost all Philippine government agencies. I've worked for gov't for 8 years. The motor shops have a pile of junk vehicles. Broken but repairable air-conditioning units and other appliances, and office furniture are rotting in their yard. Look at dilapidated government buildings particularly PNP stations. Look at NBP. Look at government hospitals. See the countryside roads and city streets. See the kind of transportation vehicles (jeepneys and pedicabs) we allow. See the airports. See the ports. See our poorly armed military.

Here is another accident waiting to happen. Foreseeable, and therefore, preventable, the government does nothing to uphold public safety.. True enough, if this government cannot address the current problems correctly and soonest, a sure scenario will happen: , its either they ground all the units to a halt, operation stops, commuters are affected and therefore, business climate in the Metropolis will be at slow paced and definitely our economy suffers the most. Both the public and the business are always on the losing end. And we're back to square one. Disgusting!

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