Friday, September 17, 2010

Tang Pick and Go

The search for the missing lunchbox is over – but it’s not only the owner who’ll be celebrating.

Heeding the plea for help announced on numerous billboards and flyers all over the country, kids from Manila, Cebu, and Davao have joined Agua Bendita and Momay’s child star Xyriel Manabat’s two-week quest to find her lost lunchbox.
 And as the most-wanted lunchbox is finally opened, every boy and girl will discover the reason why little Xyriel was so urgently searching for this one in particular – the refreshing baon surprise inside for kids to enjoy in school everyday.
Unlike before when children had to wait to get home and have mom prepare their favorite juice drink, the newest Tang Pick &am Go – the surprise waiting inside Xyriel’s lunchbox – allows kids to make for themselves a delicious drink, whether after a PE class with their classmates or during recess breaks in school.

“Tang Pick & Go not only makes nutritious refreshment more accessible, this newest easy-to-prepare Tang variant empowers kids to do things independently like deciding what flavor to drink and preparing it on their own,"

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rjs mama said...

we don't use powdered juice at home, but i am curious with this new packaging from tang. pwede bitbitin anywhere :)

hoping we can exlinks :)
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