Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Click, I Save Campaign

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) today launched an “I Click, I Save” campaign that enables Filipinos anywhere with internet access to contribute in protecting the country’s marine biodiversity for lifesaving food-security.

In its marine conservation programs from Cagayancillo, Palawan to Donsol, Sorsogon, WWF-Philippines focuses on environmental sustainability as a means to providing for local communities. To cite, WWF’s community-based ecotourism transformed Donsol’s economy, becoming a 1st class municipality by the end of 2009 from a 5th class municipality in 1998. TIME magazine named Donsol as one of Asia’s “Best Animal Encounters”. With this, job opportunities opened up for the locals, providing a sustainable source of income to former blast fishermen like Embet Guadamor as a Butanding Interaction Officer (BIO).

“Donsol used to be a haven for blast fishermen. Illegal poachers from the Visayas came to hunt whale sharks, unaware of the implications of these actions,” said Embet in his dialect. “WWF helped turn my life around with their programs. Now, as a Butanding Interaction Officer, I am not only able to provide for my family, I’m also able to bring joy to tourists and help protect marine life for future generations of Filipinos to enjoy.”

Moreover, resource management programs have allowed sanctuaries to flourish and experience full-cycle mariculture. Palawan, known to supply at least 50 percent of the country’s seafood, counts its Tubbataha Reefs as among the world’s richest bio-geographic areas.

WWF-Philippines envisions a Philippines where globally significant biodiversity is protected and responsibly harnessed to sustain life for all and where species, habitats and resources form part of a unique heritage that make every Filipino proud. This mission can only be fulfilled with the help of the entire nation, prompting the development of the organization’s awareness campaign called I Click, I Save.

“With the I Click, I Save campaign the computer mouse’s arrow becomes a conservation tool for Filipinos to do something to help save the Philippine marine environment. All they need to do is visit WWF’s website and make a meaningful donation,” said WWF President and CEO, Lory Tan. “More than simply raising awareness of the issues that plague our marine environment, this campaign gives the Philippine public a chance to be part of the solution. While Filipinos are proud of our coastal attractions that rival the world’s best, most fail to recognize that these areas are rapidly deteriorating. This affects the marine food chain - spreading a rapidly expanding blanket of threats over habitats, species and the 40 Million Filipinos who depend on seafood as their primary source of protein.”

Preserving marine life saves people’s lives. For a small monthly contribution help WWF educate individuals and corporations on how they can participate in eradicating environmental threats. Visit to learn more about I Click, I Save. All donations shall benefit WWF conservation efforts within the country.

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