Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rico Blanco Sings Bosing Ako

FILIPINO ENTREPRENEURS NOW have their own theme song thanks to the collaboration of Pinoy music legends Rico Blanco and Arnel Pineda.

The song, “Para sa mga Bossing” serves as an anthem for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs—it’s a call for them to continue striving for success, to gather courage and to take control of their destiny.

The anthem has been recorded and released, giving voice to the aspirations and accomplishments of Filipino SMEs (small-to-medium scale entrepreneurs)...

“PLDT-SME Nation is happy that our vision for Filipino entrepreneurs is being shared so enthusiastically, and with such dedication, by Rico Blanco and Arnel Pineda. We’re happy that the talents of Rico and Arnel are able to help our advocacy and inspire entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs in a powerful way,” says Kat Luna-Abelarde, PLDT vice-president and head of PLDT SME-Nation.

Both Rico and Arnel are committed to using their incredible talents in the service of Filipinos. Rico has previously recorded songs meant to serve a good cause—like the song he released to raise money for Ondoy victims, for example—while Arnel has established his own foundation to help the less fortunate, especially street children.

Powerful Message

The “Para sa mga Bossing” anthem goes: “Ang asenso maaabot/Sa bagsik nitong prinsipyo/Ang talino’t pagsisikap/Ibubuhos sa negosyo/Bossing ako/Aking tagumpay/Sa ‘kin nakasalalay…”

“The difference between success and failure is really attitude. Filipinos need to become more hopeful and more optimistic; to dream big and make that dream come true. In “Bossing” we are sending out the message that by becoming entrepreneurs, Filipinos can rise above poverty or any other obstacle. By becoming entrepreneurs, they can be the boss of their business and of their destiny,” says Rico.

International rock singer Arnel Pineda, who is now the vocalist of world superband Journey, also says the recording of “Para sa mga Bossing” is very meaningful for him: it reminds him of his own struggles to succeed despite tremendous odds.

“There was I time when I was broke and living on the streets—but I struggled to change for the better. You have to think of yourself as in control, you have to have the attitude of a boss, a bossing, so you can succeed. I know what it’s like to start from the very bottom. To rise above your circumstances, you have to keep hoping, keep striving and have the guts to fulfill your dreams and ambitions,” adds Arnel.


“SMEs form the backbone of the Philippine economy, generating more than 90% of income. More SMEs mean more jobs, more income and more purchasing power. Filipino entrepreneurship is a key to creating a strong economy for the country.

“That’s why PLDT-SME Nation is doing all it can to provide cost-effective, high-tech, fast, and reliable business solutions to our SMEs. In today’s age of high-tech, global communications, PLDT-SME Nation is there to provide SMEs a competitive edge, to help them grow, thrive and succeed,” Luna-Abelarde explains.

“Para sa mga Bossing” is already playing across the airwaves with its message of hope, courage and determination--so that even more Filipinos will strive to be the Boss of their own businesses and be the Boss of a brighter future up ahead.

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