Sunday, May 23, 2010

Raisa An Active Baby with Pampers

Pampers distinguishes itself as a leading brand in disposable diapers. Pampers itself is becoming like a generic name for diapers because people knows that Pampers is surely a quality diaper for babies. Through the years, Pampers made innovations in diapers to make sure that our babies are comfortable wearing them without having grown rashes or irritations.

For the knowledge of those who are not yet parents like me, diaper rash is a result of skin irritation due to moisture in the nappy area caused by pH changes that occur when stools and urine combine. Keeping the baby's bottom dry and clean, are the best ways to prevent a rash. Make you you change the baby's diaper after they become wet or soiled.

During the Expo Mom last Sunday, People at Pampers demonstrated that Pampers can absorb the wetness even at the amount of pressure. You may never know. When a baby is playful and accidently fall on it's bun, usually leaks will overflow from the diaper. But with Pampers, they are assured that the diapers will absorb the flow of the baby without having rashes because of the thin layer with zinc oxide cream and petroleum jelly. The Pampers experts also advise not to secure the diaper tightly for comfort and to allow air.

This proves that Pampers is the best diapers in the market when it comes to dryness. Pampers also makes sure that they are the right diaper for an ACTIVE BABY with it's extra locking layer that seals away wetness so it stays dry even under pressure. It has soft,cotton-like outer cover with a great breathability and hypoallergenic lotion with aloe vera.

I examined this for myself and saw the difference when compared to an ordinary diaper. Pampers Active Baby is available in major supermarkets nationwide. For more information, visit

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