Monday, January 28, 2008

Update on Joshwa

Since my tita asked about Joshwa.. Kuento ako ng kaunti

Joshwa is super kulit di mo na mautakan. Hirap na rin utuin. He is a keen observer we are really careful about what we say or do infront of him kasi ginagaya nya. Teache nya has only good words for him kaso minsan mautak sya. Kasi pag may ginagawa na task na ayaw nya like writing. He will go to the signs corner and put the STOP infront. Kung puedeng makalusot lulusot like magtutulog sya sa class.Tapos pag may absent he will go to the front and remove the name nung absent for the day. Teacher's little helper daw sya saka he will volunteer to put the day for the day in the board. Pag may gusto sya very focussed sya and he can teach himself how to do it.He is closer to his dad and will do things na ginagawa nang daddy nya like when it comes to food. When Im feeding him dinner tagal maubos pero when Daddy does it maski ano pa yung dinner he will try to eat it. He has eaten eggplant, monggo and fish. He is very independent and sometimes doesnt want to ask for help. Hayyy lumalaki na sya and yet somehow he is a like a baby pa rin.

Lately he has learned to use his Daddy's Zune. Eh kaso baka naman masira nya yun. So I decided to get him a Toshiba Mp3 Player. He loves it and really uses it a lot.

Here's the proof:

The song eh di ano pa Wowoweee and some songs na pinasikat ni Willie.. Oh my gosh Joshwa really loves him.. Kaya maski ano pa sinasabi nang mga iba about him I can't hate him kasi Joshwa really loves him. It was like when Joshwa discovered Wowowee ang daming mga nabuksan sa kanya. So how can I hate him? I dont care about what he does in his personal life all I know is iba yung joy na binigay nya sa anak ko. Joshwa's knows the song by heart. Kaya nga pag inaaway ni Joey si Willie pag nagpaparinig sya naiinis ako kay Joey nililipat ko ang TV.I know i'm weird pagdating sa mga ganyan pero you can't blame me. From then Joshwa has been listening to other songs na ang bagong song na alam ni Joshwa ay yung jingle ng Greenwich i can hear him trying to sing it and gosh weird na talaga ang mga last song syndrome ko.. Pero maski may alam pa rin syang song he always goes back to the Wowowee..

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