Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No Scrapping Mojo

I've been itching to scrap lately.. Great but the moment
I sit down and think of what I want to start on. The mojo
disappears. Kakainis!!! Its like I want to do it na already
and yet I can't seem to squeeze it in. I know my friends would
say nothing like a little scrapshopping to help you bounce back.
hmmm... although I have been eyeing the new crop-a-dile II
and the cricut design studio.. Hayyyy wish lists are endless
I admit i've been good lately I only made 2 scrapbooking
related purchases this month which is a record in itself.

Pero in fairness I did all of our christmas cards last Christmas.
I am proud to say that I didn't buy any Christmas card
I made them all.Didn't take any photos of the cards that
I sent because as soon as I made the cards I wrote our
greetings and put them on an envelope then sent
them as soon as i have finished them to beat the christmas

I was really touched that some of the recipients emailed
me to send me their thank you's. I really am.. It warmed my
heart to let me know that someone took the time to thank
me to say that they appreciated my work.

Pero after the Christmas cards I feel like it sucked
the mojo right out of me. Maybe it needed a break'
and will come back when I least expect it. With
a vengeance. In the meantime while I wait maybe
I do need to do some scrap shopping to help me
bounce right back.

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