Monday, December 26, 2005

Joshwa and I celebrated Christmas together
but it was weird because It felt sad and cold.
Joshwa opened all of the gifts his and mine.
He had fun opening the gifts he had fun
with the wrapping paper and forgot about
the gifts all together. Here I was watching
him and taking a video and I was happy
to see him in a good mood and smiling for
the camera.

I spent Christmas with my Lola and some tito's,
tita's and cousins but still something was
missing. While I was eating and partaking
of the feast that is called Noce Buena.
Silently I was praying to God please I never
want to go through this kind of Christmas again.
I know that I should count my blessings etc and etc.

I wanted to get into christmas "spirit"
but still It felt weird that I couldn't.
I cant help it I miss my family .so what is family
anyway right? Joshwa is family but what I meant
was parents, my sisters,my nephew and most especially
my husband.

It was so sad and I felt pathetic
but I cant help it. But it's okay I know
that everything happens for a reason.
God will reveal it in time.. Not my time
but in his perfect time.

So for all of you who felt happy and
jolly and all sorts of happy emotions
this holiday season I say good for you.

For some of you that felt like I did
well then I feel for you and I sincerely
know what you're going through.

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obiang said...

i know what you're talking about kasi i miss my daughter. this is our 4th xmas that we're apart so i know how hard it is to be in a holiday mood when you're missing someone so dear to you.

happy holidays too! and i'll link you up ok?