Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dami na akong experiences as far as dealing
with disabilities are concerned. Not with Joshwa but
with other people. (Philbert's family included)
Kesyo kasalanan ko kung bakit sya ganyan kasi
di ko sya kinakausap to excuse lang na special child
to not help them. But i took it all in stride kasi di
naman totoo yun.. Of course it doesnt help that others
can be insensitive as well.
(Others meaning those that I have met only a few times )
Comments such as Autistic pala anak mo di halata..
Iba kasi itsura nila eh.. The worse question asked was
"May ginawa ka ba nung buntis ka?"a worst comment
ever said to me that Autistics shouldn't be allowed
to mix with other kids. Aww.. di naman yan sakit
di yan nakakahawa. Anyway its all good because
I know not everyone will understand because they
all think that it won't happen to them.

I hope that it doesn't kasi what I went through
with Joshwa is something that i would never
wish on someone else. Kasi sobrang masakit
sa isang nanay na makita mo anak mo delayed
sya or nahihirapan sa isang task na simple lang
for other kids. Yung magkasakit ang anak mo
tapos di mo malaman kung anong gagamutin
kasi di masabi sa yo kung ano ang masakit.

The finances are no joke either.. Talagang mabigat
sa bulsa bukas school doesnt have a vacation.
The only time off that we get from school are
the legal holidays. The best part about being
a mom to Joshwa is I really get to appreciate
the simple things that he can do. I can laugh
and relish the little victories that he can do...


MrsPartyGirl said...

i feel you, sis. basta one day at a time lang. concentrate ka lang kay joshwa, siya naman yung importante eh, di ba? :)

Anonymous said...

People can be really naive sometimes especially if they aren't educated enough.

Don't let them get in your way :-) You know better my friend.

It's been awhile. Take care!


balikbayan_box said...


Lyra said...

Hi Leirs! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

By the end of the day, the troubles don't seem to matter as long as you know your family is intact.

I'm sure Joshwa will be okay. I shall include him in my prayers. :)