Friday, July 15, 2005

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary

A Love Poem

You may not always treat me
like your princess
And at times you love your
PC more than me
I love you just the same

You may not be truly sweet
Not always generous with your gifts
Your love is the most important gift of all
Please know what it all means at heart
And how my spirit lifts.

The way you show me you love me
Can you see the love, the warmth
The THRILL that's in my eyes?

Our wedding day
The day we said I Do.
Was one of the best days of my life.
I could have been in heaven
and it wouldn't have mattered because
I was truly happy to have married
the love of my life.

Your presence seems to always calm me
You always seems to know me.

But best of all the dream
Continues to this day
Hon, we are soulmates
Distance may have separated us
but we are together in every way.

We have been through so much
We have been through struggles
I truly feel this from my heart
I wouldn't know what to do
Just how I'd live this life on earth
If life were without you.

You are so very wonderful
The truest, sweetest dear
And I'm happiest just smiling
and thinking of you on this special day

There is no love that's brighter
Or anything as warm
As the love we share together
In its quintessential form.

So on this day we mark our love
I'll shed some joyful tears
And say, with love that keeps on growing
I'll look forward to many more years.

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