Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Joshwa Diaries-DAY 4- June 28

Joshwa was getting antsy and restless
gusto na maglakad pero di puede kasi
naka dextrose pa rin sya.

I didnt go to work because I wanted to
talk to the Doctor and to find out
kung ano ba talaga ang diagnosis nila

Upper Respiratory Track Infection
--Upper respiratory tract infection
involves inflammation of the respiratory
mucosa from the nose to the lower respiratory
tree, not including the alveoli. In addition
to malaise, it causes localized symptoms
that constitute several overlapping syndromes:
sore throat (pharyngitis), rhinorrhea (common cold),
facial fullness and pain (sinusitis),
and cough (bronchitis).

---Gastroenteritis is the irritation and inflammation
of the digestive tract.

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